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School Uniforms

All students in grades K-5 are required  to wear school uniforms from Monday through Thursday. On Friday's students are able to wear their choice of clothing as approved under the school's standard dress code found in the parent handbook.

Uniforms consist of a school t-shirt, purchasable at the school. Acceptable bottoms are long pants, shorts or skirts/skorts.

School & Classroom Visitations

When visiting the school, please make sure you check in at the front office. The office will issue a temporary pass which will allow you to conduct your business on the school's campus. As a reminder, if you have younger children with you, please make sure they are supervised at all times. Thank you for your cooperation.

Student Drop Off

Parents, please do not drop your children off in the bus lane, in the back of the school or on the side of the cafeteria. The parking area in back of the school is for faculty and staff only. For your child's safety, please do not let your child out in the middle of the road. The speed limit in front of the school is 10 MPH.  YOUR CHILD'S SAFETY IS IMPORTANT!!!

Registration: Kindergarten and Newcomers to the State

The following information is needed for children enrolling in the public schools of Hawaii for the first time:

  1. 1. A birth certificate or equivalent (hospital certificate, baptismal certificate, or passport) for Kindergarten and First Graders.

  2. 2. Immunizations required by the state must be current.

  3. 3. A health card (Form 14 - school physical) filled out completely by a  physician according to the State Board of Health requirements. *Hawaii's State Administrative Law requires that the parents or guardian arrange for his/her child to have a physical examination, vaccinations, and tuberculosis clearance before admission to school, or before transfer from out-of-state. Your child  will not be able to enter school on the first day without the completed health requirements.

Transfer from Schools in Hawaii

Pupils transferring from another school in Hawaii must present to our office the release card which was issued by the former school. Report card or any other school records would facilitate registration and placement. 

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