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Our Philosophy
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Our Philosophy

Wheeler Elementary School is dedicated to excellence in education.

The school recognizes and accepts the uniqueness of an individual child. Military and local children are provided opportunities to share their multi-cultural, social and family experiences.

The school provides a well-rounded, interdisciplinary curriculum which offers positive educational experiences. Educational experiences include basic skill for the child's intellectual, physical, aesthetic, social, emotional and moral development. All available school resources will be utilized to nurture and challenge our children.

We believe all students can learn. Each student is a unique and valued individual, and education is the shared responsibility of the entire school community.

Discipline and order in the school are essential. School and classroom rules based on fairness are the foundations for a safe and healthy learning environment. School and classroom rules will be determined by the State of Hawaii law, Chapter 19. A copy of Chapter 19 is available at the school office during work hours.

Most importantly, Wheeler recognizes that partnership between parents and student is the major contributing factor for student success.

In summary, the faculty and staff of Wheeler Elementary school are committed to the task of working together towards a common belief: all students can learn, each student is a unique and valued  individual, and education is the shared responsibility of the entire school community.

Our Vision

We share the responsibility of creating a positive, safe, and challenging learning environment where students can reach their highest personal and academic potential.

Our Mission

The mission of Wheeler Elementary School is to develop high student achievement, high self-esteem and school pride.