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Free and Reduced lunch program information and  online application.


All students are to eat school lunch or bring home lunch daily. Any student who chooses not to eat either a school or home lunch must report to the office and notify parent.

When sending your child with a home lunch, please pack a nutritious lunch. Candy, gum and soda are not allowed in the cafeteria a lunch. Students are not allowed to share food and lunch.

We strongly encourage minimum payments of $20.00 for students on full paying status and $4.00 for students on reduced status. No cash will be accepted in the cafeteria. If a student wants to purchase milk only or a second lunch, payments must be made to the student's account by 10:05 a.m. Students who are on free status will need to deposit money into their account if they wish to purchase milk only or a second lunch. Change cannot be given for payments made with a personal check or money order.

Student Meal Prices


Regular student breakfast    $1.10

Reduced price student breakfast    $0.30

Second and subsequent student breakfast   $2.40


Regular student lunch   $2.50

Reduced price student lunch    $0.40

Second and subsequent student lunch  $5.50

Milk Only    $.50

Adult lunch  $5.50

Hawaii DOE's Wellness plan:

DOE Wellness Guidelines

Nutrition Education for Wellness (UH Manoa)