Printable Links

How to Grow an Independent Kindergartener
This link is a copy of the previous graphic on the expectations of what an independent Kindergartener can do.

Kindergarten Readiness Activities
This link provides you with a printable booklet with pages including picture cues for the 5 Senses, Sizes (small, medium, large), Shapes, Colors and Family words.  You  can use this booklet to work with your child at home before school begins and throughout the school year.

Lined Paper
*Primary Journal Paper
*Primary Lined Paper
This link provides you with a page of lined paper similar to the paper used in the kindergarten classroom. You can use this paper to work with your child on writing their name, the letters of the alphabet and numbers.

Suggested Websites

Preparing for Kindergarten
Countdown to Kindergarten link  is great with resources to help you prepare your child for Kindergarten!
Links to websites with printable activities and ideas for preparing your child for kindergarten.  Bembo’s Zoo is particularly useful with its interactive alphabet.