Community Links


  1. State of Hawaii, Board of Education

  2. Scholastic: Parents, Raising Readers & Learners

  3. School Support Services


  5. Staying Strong

  6. Military Interstate Children's Compact Coalition

  7. Military Child Education Coalition

  8. Military Impacted Schools Association

  9. Hawaii - U.S, Army Child, Youth, and School Services

  10. Hawaii Schools Myths and Realities

  11. PATCH - Supporting Hawaii's Child Care Needs

    What is PATCH?

  1. PATCH is Hawaii's statewide child care resource and referrals agency

    What can PATCH provide for parents?

  1. Up to date referrals to family child care homes and centers

  2. Resources on how to choose quality child care

  3. Information on child care subsidy programs

  4. Hawaii DOE Family Support Website

  5. Hawaii Parent Information Resource Center

  6. National PTA Website (parents guide to student success)

  7. Resources for Homeless families -DOE website

  8. McKinney - Vento Brochure